Develop the website your client needs.
Deploy v1.0 tomorrow.

Romanesco is a platform for creating websites.

Skip layouts in Photoshop wireframing mockups translating to HTML generating miles of CSS fiddling to make it responsive setting up a CMS copy/pasting features building web forms fixing the same bugs again issues after a styling update browser testing going over budget (again) repetitive tasks
Start with the most important part: content

Let the platform provide the basics
Create consistent layouts on any device
Publish content as soon as it's ready
Extend with anything you need
Improve continuously, in small steps

Learn how it works

Create rich, diverse content pages
An intuitive set of layout elements. Instant, decent looking results.

Stay up to date
Receive information about the Romanesco project in your mailbox.

Mailing list managed by Fractal Farming, without commercial intent.

Focus on what's important
Defaults that make sense. Technicalities are kept out of sight.

When it comes to editing content, technology is not always your friend. Too many features, settings and technical jargon distract you from your main mission:

  • Add content in the correct format
  • Create balanced and appealing layouts
  • Emphasize your contents' purpose
  • Make it look good on any screen size
  • Make sure search engines like it too

More than enough to keep in mind already.

That's why you'll only see the settings you really need at first. We labeled them as clearly as possible, set logical default values and tugged the non-essentials away in menus. The platform takes care of everything else.

Intuitive button settings

Customize if needed
Change the styling. Add functionalities. Keep growing.

Custom template

Custom design

Import existing content

Sorting and filtering

Map with multiple markers

Dataset configurator

Static HTML output

Automated deployments

Visual regression tests

Other website builders limit you to the features of their platform. Romanesco lets you build anything you need.

Each Romanesco project is a stand-alone installation, based on open source software. This means you are free to tweak your website and add any functionality you like.

The examples listed here are all implemented into live websites already. It is largely thanks to MODX, the open source CMS in use, that customizations like this become viable.

Functional from the start
No lengthy development phase upfront. Create > publish > improve.

Kickoff Design Wireframes Q&A Design > HTML Functional CMS Testing / finetuning Content A tailor made website
Structure Prototype Design Publish Content A Romanesco site

Where traditional workflows fall short

In many website projects, development stages flow from A to Z in a linear way. Adding content is often one of the last steps in the process, so the "final" product is based on content that's not yet there.

Result: delays and additional costs, because the website doesn't quite fit the content yet.

How an iterative process helps

Instead of planning the whole project upfront, why not start by collecting and creating content first? Then decide what's most important, turn it into a decent looking layout and publish it immediately when ready.

Repeat, measure, learn, improve. No final product anymore. Only the next round of progress.

Everyone benefits
Reduce friction. Maintain momentum. Get the job done.

Site owners
A full-blown website for a fraction of the cost

Skip lengthy development phases and large investments upfront. Always have the option to modify or extend when needed.

Get results quickly
Regular updates with bugfixes, improvements and new features
Website and content are yours
A website that lasts longer

Designers / developers
More fun, less bugs with a field tested pattern library

Skip the tedious part of creating HTML/CSS and setting up a CMS. Start right where it gets interesting. Deploy with confidence.

Freedom to extend theming and features
Drastically reduce time fiddling with CSS and (browser) testing
Production ready prototypes
Deploy while others work on content

Content editors
Responsive content editing, without the struggle

Content is often treated as an afterthought, leaving you to battle it out with a shabby RTE. Both you and the content deserve better.

Configurable building blocks for various content types
Integrated form builder
No coding skills required
Keep track of your progress per page

Digital agencies
Deliver better websites, on time and within budget

Shift to a more reliable and predictable development process, so you can focus less on technique and more on what your client needs.

Improve communication
Get your team started with pattern libraries
Deliver design systems to your clients
Coherent designs in hours instead of days